The team at Piccolo has a rare understanding of the way people live. It’s an understanding gleaned from many years in the property design and construction industry, giving them a unique understanding of what defines luxury — more than finishes and appliances, it’s attention to detail, materials and textures, generosity of space, and timelessness. It’s often something you can’t put your finger on. But Piccolo can. It’s why their homes stand out from the rest. Piccolo has been a family company for half a century. Michael and his mother Mima are committed to maintaining that unmistakable family intimacy.

Mima, along with her late husband Martin formed their family business 50 years ago. From building homes in suburban Melbourne, Piccolo began developing sites to eventually become the industry leader it is today while staying true to its authentic family values.

Mima’s 50 years of commercial knowledge and astute business skills, her hands-on approach and commitment further Piccolo’s continued success.

Michael carries the Piccolo name in every way. Involved in all aspects of the business, he has elevated the company from heading up development and design to sourcing sites. Michael’s multi-award-winning developments stand the test of time because he has an innate sense of what brings luxury into everyday lifestyles — and he carefully selects collaborators who share his values and vision.

Piccolo’s foresight, progressiveness and the quest to create homes which make life easier for people are why they lead the property industry, and will continue to do so long into the future.